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ITA Email Generator


Important information please read before continuing!

This page does NOT send any emails, it creates the text for the MP's email address, the subject line and the body of the text for an email based on a template you select below. Please read the instructions below that explains how to get the text into an email in your prefered email app for you.


Type in your home postcode and press 'Find MP', this will return the MP for that postcode, and their Email Address.

Now type in your full name and your full home address including postcode.

Now choose a template.

Now pressing the 1. button copy the MP's email address into the to field in a new email created in your prefered email client.

Now pressing the 2. button copy the subject line into the email you have just created.

Now pressing the 3. button copy the body text into the email you have just created and press send.

Key point here is you are using your prefered email app to send the email, most MP's have an autoresponder that replied to confirm the receipt of the email.

You can also add your email address to the ITA mailing list, the button is at the bottom of this screen. This allows the ITA to keep you informed.